Bunkhouse Reviews

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This Place is the Best! by Evan E. 
I love it here! It is honestly the best place to live; It’s right across from the I-Center and the Hart gym, so if you’re into fitness it’s location is ideal! And the apartment itself is roomy, there’s plenty of space for activities. I’ve honestly thought about moving to different apartments just to meet new people, but there are so many benefits to living here that I don’t want to live anywhere else.

Awesome! by Jared E. 
The accommodations in the apartment were awesome! I am glad that I chose to come to the Bunkhouse.

Great Place by Jason D. 
The price and location are pretty much unbeatable. It is impossible to find a place closer to campus that provides as much as Bunkhouse does for less than a 1000 dollars per semester. The management is spectacular too. If at any time you are experiencing any kind of issue, they’ll send someone to help you out usually within a couple hours. If you room with friends, Bunkhouse Apts has a deal to where you can pay for the whole semester for about 850, and honestly, considering how close this complex is to campus as well as the level of service, it’s the best deal on campus.

Great Place, Reasonable/Competitive Price by Cameron N. 
Advantages: helpful Management and M.A.’s, Across the street from the I-Center and Hart (Gym), Great wards paired with Royal Crest (women’s complex across the parking lot), laid-back atmosphere, heat works really well during the winter semester, quick to fix any reported problems/issues.
Disadvantages: parking lot is fairly tight and somewhat limited (common issue in Rexburg apartments), most of your classes will be uphill, while there is on site laundry it is coin operated and there are no coin machines at the complex (though during office hours the manager will make change ie: you can trade your cash for a roll of quarters).

Overall a great place to live, not too expensive and really close to the gym for those who like to workout early in the morning, or to get to devotional really quickly.

Customer Oriented by Grant H. 
The management is really great, the apartments are well kept and in good condition

Still Getting Use To It, But Nice by Trevor C. 
It’s super close to campus, residents are fairly close together, sweet lounge, very affordable

Bunkhouse Is A Perfect Location For A Cheap Price. by Jonathan M. 
It’s cheap. It’s indestructible. It’s close to campus. It’s a great ward. It’s right in the middle of college life.

Pretty Cool by Orin C. 
The desks are small and kind of useless if you have a desktop but other than that the place rocks.

Impressive, Amazing Management, Great Location by Timothy A. 
It’s close to campus, the rooms are nice, the apartment set up is nice, the internet is great, and the price is reasonable

Good Location, Decent Price, Not Much Space, by Jason T. 
There are nice because you get a freezer, and fans, and the location is very good. The only downside is that you do not have near as much space inside your apartments as others.

Great Place To Live, Recommended For Anyone Social by Jordan W. 
Bunkhouse is well priced, great management, well kept, and nice. Really good location on campus as well as great walking distance from grocery store. Lots of girls apartments surrounding bunkhouse including huge apartment building across the parking lot. I would recommend to anyone because it was a great value for the price you pay.

I Like It A Lot. It’s Cozy! by Ian M. 
I really like it here. It’s a great place to live. It has great positioning, so getting to class is pretty easy. It is comfortable.