BYU-Idaho Student Living

templeAt The Bunkhouse we live the principles of the BYU-Idaho Student Living program. “Student Living calls on all individuals at or affiliated with BYU-Idaho…to live and teach the principles that will contribute to a more Christ-like culture of student and apartment life” (Student Living Guidebook, 1).

These three principles are love, shared responsibility, and mutual respect. Our tenants have great examples of each of these principles:

Principle One: Love

One of our tenants shared his experience He said, “One night my roommate came home with a ton of dishes he needed to clean for his job the next morning. So I took care of all of the dishes for him.” How awesome is that?

Principle Two: Shared Responsibility

Another tenant shared an example within his apartment. He explained that he is not very familiar yet with the Honor Code, but his roommate has helped him out a lot by letting him know what some of these rules are. This is perfect!

Principle Three: Mutual Respect

A simple suggestion to show respect was given by a different tenant. His idea is to show respect to each other by being mindful of how much time we use in the bathrooms. Our actions and our words are great ways to be respectful.

We challenge all of our tenants to live these principles by setting goals as an apartment. How will your apartment strive to live by these principles? Here are some ideas:

  • Apartment Prayer Daily
  • Apartment Scripture Study
  • Student Living FHE Lessons

To learn more about these principles, visit the BYU-Idaho Student Living site. Be familiar with these guidelines before moving to The Bunkhouse; Student Living will help you have an optimal college experience at our housing complex.