Bunkhouse Policies

  1. Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 11a-4p, unless there is an emergency (fire, flooding, etc.). If you need anything when the office is closed, please see your MA.
  2. Student Living Model: We encourage our students to follow the BYU-I Student Living model by living the 3 principles of love, shared responsibility, and mutual respect.
  3. Honor Code: Live the Gospel. Follow the Honor Code standards. Help and encourage roommates to do the same. You are responsible for all BYU-I Honor Code rules.
  4. Apartment Living Standards: We strive to continually uphold our standards in accordance to BYU-Idaho’s requirements. We ask our students to do the same. Please refer to the BYU-I Apartment Living Standards for more information.
  5. E-mails from the Manager:  You are responsible for what these contain. You will need to add bunkhouseapt@gmail.com as a contact (to avoid filters). All of our e-mails are sent to your BYU-I account.
  6. Clean Checks: Bunkhouse operates clean checks in the following manner: the day prior to clean checks, a Managers’ Assistant will deliver the apartment’s sign-up sheet. Each tenant must sign up for an apartment job and his bedroom job. Then, the MA will come by at scheduled clean check time to check each student’s job. If a student fails his job, the Managers’ Assistant makes note of it and the student receives his first strike. The next day, the Cleaning Manager will return to the student’s apartment to conduct a “re-check.” If the student fails this check again, the Cleaning Manager will notify him when the cleaning crew will be there to clean for him and that he will be responsible for the $30/hour charge.
  7. Mildew:You are responsible to take care of any mildew in your apartment. The cinderblock walls like to trap in moisture. To help with mildew throughout your apartment, open a window an inch and/or a door for a bit on warm sunny days. Also, leave the bathroom fan on for 15 minutes after you shower. Mildew spray is available in the office.
  8. Maintenance Requests:Requests are submitted through our online portal at: https://craiglandhousing.com/login. If it is an emergency (fire, flooding, etc.), contact management immediately. It is your responsibility to report damages and maintenance issues since we can’t fix it if we don’t know about it.
  9. Locked Out/Keys: Lock your apartment and take your key with you to protect yourself and your belongings. If you lock yourself out, call a roommate or get an MA to open your door. Do not duplicate keys. Lost keys will result in fines.
  10. Internet:This is handled by maintenance. If you have problems connecting, restart your computer and put in the password again. If it still doesn’t work, submit a maintenance request (if you cannot do so, text the manager). For computer related issues, please contact a computer technician.
  11. Common Areas: Open daily 8a-11:45p. You can reserve the Common Areas here on our website. To use the projector, you must reserve the Game & Theater Room.
  12. Laundry Rooms: Open daily 8a-11:45p. Don’t overfill the washers. If the machine eats your coins, you must send in a maintenance request before receiving a refund.
  13. Quiet Hours:10p-8:30a Mon-Sat and all day Sundays. Be respectful.
  14. Visitor Parking: Four sports located amongst our lots by each set of dumpsters are available for our students’ visitors.
  15. Soliciting: Soliciting, posting/passing out flyers, etc. without written permission from Bunkhouse management is prohibited.

Please also refer to our contract and addendum.