Common Area Reservations

The Bunkhouse Apartments Common Areas are available for residents to reserve for actitivies.

Complete the Common Area Reservation Form (beneath the calendar) to submit a reservation request. Reservations will be confirmed by the Bunkhouse Apartments Manager via e-mail.  Requests are reviewed during office hours only.

Common Area Rules

  • Hours are 8am–11:45pm. Quiet hours are 10p-8:30a Monday-Saturday and all day on Sunday.
  • Residents are responsible for all guests and their actions.
  • Do NOT move the furniture.
  • No food or drink on the sectionals.
  • No sitting on the backs of the sectionals.
  • Clean up after yourself and your guests. Cleaning supplies are provided under the kitchen sink. Any food left in the fridge/freezer will be disposed of.
  • Be considerate of other residents in the complex when it comes to noise level, especially those whose apartments border the common area.   

Projector Rules

If you wish to use the projector, you will need to reserve the Theater & Game Room and acknowledge that you need the remotes. By doing so, you agree to all of these terms.

  • The remotes are difficult and expensive to replace, so when you check htem out you agree that if any of them are lost, you will be charge ($50/remote); this can also include not returning the remotes to the lockbox before you leave.
  • All movies, TV shows, video games, etc. must abide by the CES Honor Code.
  • Keep the volume reasonable, particularly later at night, as some residents have bedrooms on the other side of the wall.
  • The projector will not be available on Sundays except in appropriate cases (firesides, Bishop visits, etc.).
  • Once you have placed your reservation, if the Theater and Game Room is available during your request, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Closer to your reservation, you will receive a text with the code (valid during your reservation only) to get the remotes of the lockbox in the Theater and Game Room.

Common Area Reservation Request

Please check the calendar above for common areas availability and then submit the Common Area reservation request below. The manager will confirm your reservation request via email.

Please see the projector rules above if checking out the projector remote